About the team

Jason and Joël are a team of 2 Dutch students, with a passion for travel. Two years ago we decided to go around Europe for two weeks, to go and see some new places. Since then both of us have seen many more new places, along the likes of Australia to Bulgaria. Combined, we have seen many places, and the list will only continue to grow. Of course, these new additions to our list will be covered on the blog as soon as we get back from the trips! If you are interested in the faces and stories behind the names of the writers, keep reading!


Byron Bay, Australia

My interest in travelling started in 2006, with my first visit to a foreign country. From that point on I was hooked and I’m looking forward to travel more abroad. Until now, I have travelled to 13 countries, and looking forward to visiting new countries and cultures. The cultural differences have shown me different perspectives, and made me appreciate life more. Travel taught me several things, including to be careful in my spending behaviour, and how it is to be completely by myself. Most of the big lessons I learnt in the last few years were while travelling, and by being on my own.

Because of the fact that I consider traveling as something that’s worth every penny, I hope to inspire others to travel and see what the world has to offer. I hope this can be achieved through our blogs about our experiences.


New York City, USA

By having travelled to 18 countries in the last few years, I have developed an addiction to seeing new cultures and documenting them. These experiences have taught me a lot about cultural differences and the importance of dealing with them appropriately. Seeing these cultural differences in person has made me appreciate life as I know it much more than I used to. Similar to Jason’s story, most of the big lessons I learnt in the last few years were learnt while traveling.

Because I learned how valuable travel is, I want to inspire people to go and experience the same things. I hope we can achieve this by writing quality blogs about our first-hand experiences.

It’s kind of crazy how we both wrote these stories at the same time, and came out to have stories so similar. Guess that makes for a good team. Enjoy the blog!