DFDS vs Eurotunnel – TRAVEL TIPS

On my recent trip to Bristol and Bath, we wanted to try out two different modes of crossing the Channel. On the way to Bristol we took the Eurotunnel, and took the DFDS ferry back to Dunkirk. Even though both trips were pleasant, there’s things to say for either option. In this blog I will compare the Eurotunnel with DFDS to help you decide which of the two options is the right fit for you.

Crossing the Channel on the DFDS Ferry

DFDS Ferry

The Ferry – in my opinion – is the most comfortable option for crossing the channel. The trip from Dover to Dunkirk takes a comfortable 2 hours, which you can spend in one of the restaurants, game halls, seating areas or on the outside deck. The trip really acts as a break from driving and you’ll probably feel refreshed after the crossing. However, if you’re prone to seasickness this – on some days – might not be for you. On most days however, the sea is calm.

To prevent feeling seasick, my advice is to keep your eye on the horizon and to go outside. The wind and perceived stability of the horizon will likely ease your motion sickness. Tickets for the ferry start at around 45 pounds depending on the time and day of the week.


If you’re in a rush, the Eurotunnel is for you. Comfortably crossing the channel in under 30 minutes, theres just a few little downsides. Most importantly, contrary to the ferry you are pretty much limited to sitting in your car. The train is nothing more than a car mover, so you cannot really stretch your legs. The train is equipped with crammed lavatories, but that’s as far as amenities go. Keeping in mind the trip takes a grand total of 30 minutes, that’s a sacrifice worth making. Prices for the eurotunnel start at 31 pounds, but the fare will increase steeply in the days before the trip. Moral of the story, book in advance!

So which one is better?

Frankly, both options are great. I’m not going to tell you which option is better. I honestly wouldn’t know. My advice is to check multiple options (other ferries as well) to find yourself a good deal on a time that suits you. If you’re prone to seasickness or are in a rush, take the train.

Please note that this is just my personal opinion, and experience may vary. Please share your experiences in the comments below to help each other out!

For now, please do not travel until the corona crisis is in the past. Stay safe!


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