Surprising my brother with a day trip to Salzburg – Travel Blog

Really, another day trip? Yup! I’ve told you before that most smaller sized-cities can be explored within a day. Wasting money on expensive hotels is totally unnecessary for a large share of cities in Europe. Of course, there will always be people telling you you need at least “a couple weeks” to explore their hometown of under 100k inhabitants, but for the average traveller, this is simply not true. Today I’d like to tell you the story of how I took my younger brother to Salzburg, without him knowing where he would go.

View from the Apron at Salzburg Airport

6:00 – Good morning!

The worst part about day trips is that in order to make the best of the day, you have to catch the earliest flight out, and be at the airport in the middle of the night. I personally think it’s worth it, but you make that call for yourself! So, my brother was under the assumption that we would take the train to Düsseldorf and explore the city for a bit before going home. Little did he know that I was about to take him to Schiphol, to fly to Austria. He had never flown before, so he was in for a treat. We took the train to Amsterdam, him still fully convinced of the fact that we would get on the first ICE train to Germany. Should’ve seen his face when I told him to get off the train at Schiphol. Oh boy.

8:30 – Breakfast in the Schiphol Lounge

We made it through security! Brother still staring at in fear and disbelief as we walk towards the lounge. He goes on to rant to me about how I didn’t give him time to mentally prepare for the flight. Poor kid. Anyway, we have a nice and overpriced airport breakfast and chill in the lounge before heading to the gate.

10:00 – In the plane!

4 hours after waking up, we were in the plane. My brother meanwhile realised that what we were about to do was real and started asking me all kinds of questions about how planes fly and why gravity doesn’t work on them. After a quick physics class, the plane started taxiing to the runway. So far so good. A few minutes later, we were ready to go. Already surprised by how powerful the engines were when the plane started rolling, leaving the ground was a funny experience for my Brother. Just over an hour later, we landed in Salzburg after the smoothest flight ever recorded.

11:30 – Salzburg Airport!

We’re in Salzburg! We’re greeted by a chilly wind and snowcapped mountains, a “warm” welcome! Salzburg Airport is tiny, so we were on a bus to the Centre of Salzburg 10 minutes after exiting the plane. First stop: lunch. We were there during Christmas Markets Season, so take your pick of treats! We spent the rest of the day taking pictures and exploring the city’s old town and christmas markets. Salzburg is one of those cities with few “must see” things. You’ll end up seeing most of it by exploring.

17:00 – RedBull Hangar

At Salzburg Airport, RedBull has a hangar filled with old F1 Cars, planes, helicopters and all kinds of other crazy stuff. We were back at the airport rather early, so a quick hop into the free “museum” was a great way to spend some time. This is – if you are into extreme sports or an avid Red Bull consumer – something you cannot miss.

19:00 – Dinner & the flight back

A quick airport McDonalds dinner later, we were back on the plane heading for Schiphol. Clear skies, the alps, city lights in the distance, a smooth sail home. We arrived back on Schiphol around 21, rather exhausted from such a travel day. We had loads of fun and taking my younger brother on one of my trips was a great experience. I recommend you all try it out someday!

Happy travels!


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