A short stay in the South of France – TRAVEL BLOG

Monaco from up the hill

In 2017, Joël and I made an European city trip consisting of 4 locations: Lisbon, Nice/Monaco, Rome and Berlin. Our longest stay was in the South of France. Getting into the city is easy and relatively cheap. Many busses leave from the airport to the city centers of surrounding cities. The bus to Nice drops you off right on the Promenade, where most hotels are.

So, in Nice one thing will catch your eye, and that is all the wealth surrounding you in the form of very expensive cars and the yachts on the sea. However, it is a very tranquil place to visit. Not necessarily many things to do, or at least we didn’t do that much of sightseeing. But, it was a nice place to visit. The promenade des Anglais is a great walk and in the meantime you can take a dip in the water.

One of the main things I adored about this city was Castle Hill, at the end of the promenade. Providing a great view over the promenade, the city and on the other side the yacht harbour. In addition it has a stunning waterfall.

Another destination that we took on while we were staying in Nice was a day trip to Monaco. In the city we enjoyed the insanely hot weather and the wealth in the form of yachts everywhere you turn. In addition to this, the views from up the hill over the city are awesome. When you arrive in Monaco by train you will have to stroll down the mountain or take the bus. We decided to walk as we do almost everywhere we go. This also gives you more impressions of your destination.

What I recommend everyone that will visit here, make a plan before you go to this region. We experienced and used our time here to relax, but if you want to explore more I recommend you to also include Antibes and Cannes to your travel itinerary, or if you are a nature lover go to the mountains.

We hope you all have great travels and we’re curious to hear your travel experiences in the South of France region. Best, Jason

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