A day trip to Cologne, Germany! – Travel Guide

A couple of months back, Jason and I drove to Cologne to eat a schnitzel. Sure, for a little sightseeing as well. Point is; we were only there for a few hours. We drove into town, parked our car at the University, and took the trams into the centre. Here’s a few quick spots that need to be on your hitlist if you ever find yourself in Cologne!

Kölner Dom

Like any major German city, Cologne comes with a massive cathedral built in the Gothic style. A visit is not complete without a free peak into the cathedral! Next to the cathedral is a big city plaza with stores, outdoor restaurant seating and the central train station. As you can see, the cathedral is quite impressive. It’s definitely worth spending some time to take it all in. Make sure to also explore the old town around the cathedral, there are some hidden gems there!

Hohenzollern Brücke

From the Cathedral, make your way to the “Hohenzollern” bridge over the Rhine river. Before crossing the bridge, stroll on the quays and take in the nice weather (if there is any!).

Then head back up to the bridge and walk across. It’s a pleasant walk to take in the views, watch some people, and gaze at the endless amount of lovelocks on the bridge. There’s walkways on both sides of the bridge, seperated by the train tracks connecting Cologne with the rest of Germany.


This 103 meters tall tower features a top-level 360 degrees observation deck. For just €3.00 you can stay up as long as you want, to take in all of the views! Go up there during sunset for the best pics, just know that it’ll be busier than usual!

Deutzer Brauhaus (Schnitzel)

Finally, you’ll need to eat! We had a schnitzel in a restaurant right across the road from the observation deck. The Schnitzel at Deutzer Brauhaus was not the best we have had, but it wasn’t bad! If you find a better schnitzel in Cologne, be sure to let us know! This “Brauhaus” serves great beers, make sure to try some out!

Since we only spent a couple hours in Cologne, this is all we did. I’m sure there’s more to explore in this town, but we simply didn’t get around to it. Let us know if you have any further recommendations!

Happy Travels!


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