Our plans for 2020! – UPDATE

Hi all! Our last blog was about 2019, and the things we did. We figured that a blog to start 2020 off right was a logical next step. In this blog we will cover our plans for 2020, and some other announcements! We’ll save the big news for last, so keep reading!

Plans for 2020

Salzburg, Austria

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, we don’t tend to plan too far ahead. This means that in terms of planned travels and journeys, we cannot tell you too much yet! In the coming weeks you can expect blogs on a few European destinations, the French cities of Paris and Nice, Salzburg and Cologne. We will also share new travel tips and tricks to save even more money on your travels!

Of course Jason and Joël will keep exploring the planet, and we will inform you of new upcoming trips on our instagram pages. Be sure to follow us there!


Other than our own travels, we want to start offering you the opportunity to share your stories. We’ve seen that many of you would like to share about your experiences, but have all kinds of reasons for not doing so. Not having time, not having the platform, or just procrastination. We’re here to help.

We would love for you to share your experiences and tips! Everyone sees the world differently, your view will therefore help readers just like you to explore new destinations! You can now submit your stories on the new submissions page.

You’ll quickly see that writing blogs and sharing your experiences is a fun way of expressing yourself while also improving your writing skills!

Starting next week, we will be back with the regular scheduled blogs on new destinations, travel tips and perhaps even your stories! We look forward to hearing all about your experiences, and we hope to see you back here soon.

Happy travels!

Joël & Jason

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