OUR YEAR – Reflecting on 2019

Today is the last day of 2019. Looking back, this year has been another awesome year filled with school, work and a lot of exploring of the world. In this blog we look back on our top 10 trips this year, acting as an overview of the shit we have done since January 1st.

Antwerp, Belgium (January 2019)

We wanted to start the year off right, so in the first week of January we took a day trip to Antwerp to explore the Christmas Markets without the crowds (pro tip!). Because Antwerp is about an hour-long trainride away, quick visits to Belgium are not rare at all! After some quick Chinatown exploration and shopping we dove into the markets. Read the complete story here.

London, United Kingdom (January 2019)

Going back to uni after the Christmas break was tough, so we decided to throw in a quick weekend getaway to London to enjoy a well-deserved break. London is the city we come back to almost every year, and we keep on seeing new things. If you have never been, make sure to visit in 2020! Check out our top things to do here, or read our guide to the underground.

New York City, United States (February – March 2019)

New York City. The city you always see in the movies, and feels surreal when you are there. This trip was the first time Jason and I travelled across the Atlantic together. To this day I have not figured out how on earth we survived being stuck together on a long-haul flight. Even though we visited in the winter, we really enjoyed our visit to New York and I am sure the both of us will return sooner or later. Read our guides on getting around in NYC, our TOP picks in the city, and our top spots for FOOD in NYC here.

Los Angeles, United States (April – May 2019)

This trip was a trip Joël went on for Uni. 20 students going on a trip across the world, what could possibly go wrong. Well, not much. 3 weeks of parties, sightseeing and some Uni work later, you could say I was “living my best life”. Just like NYC we published quite a few blogs on LA. Read them here: How to get around in LA, our guide on the best VIEWPOINTS in LA, our top picks for FOOD in LA. Finally, a guide on Joshua Tree National Park, which is a great day trip from LA.

Manchester, United Kingdom (June 2019)

Known as the British symbol of industrialisation, Manchester to this day is a city with a lot of old factory buildings and offices. However, in recent years, a lot of modern developments have been built. Skyscrapers start poking their heads out in between all the old buildings. This makes for a great soup of different styles of architecture, one I personally really liked. Read our guide on things to do and our recommendations for cheap eats!

Genoa, Italy (July 2019)

Genoa has a special place in my heart. It was the first time I travelled to a new place by myself. It’s a gem of a city that I believe more people should visit, that perfect weekend getaway city that won’t break the bank. Read why to visit genoa here, and our top things to do here.

Rhodes, Greece (July 2019)

My first time to Greece ever was one of my most relaxed holidays ever, even though it was short. Rhodes is worth visiting whether you plan two weeks or if you are just going for a short relaxing break. From Amsterdam Rhodes is just a three-and-a-half hour flight away, which is more than worth it for a week of sunshine in between exams or before a new block. Read the complete story on why Rhodes is a great place to relax here.

Cologne, Germany (August 2019)

Perhaps the most random trip on this list. Jason and I were both feeling as if we needed to get out of the country, while not having the budget for a trip. We decided we’d take the car and drive to Cologne, about 4 hours from Rotterdam. An afternoon in Cologne, for some Schnitzel and some sightseeing. After a few hours there, we were back cruising the Autobahn. More of these trips to come for sure! A blog on this city will be published later!

Karlskrona, Sweden (August 2019)

I took this trip to visit one of my friends from uni. I got to stay at their place, so I saved lots of money! This trip was my first time in Sweden, and Scandinavia in general. I consider Swedes to be one of the most friendly people in the world. Karlskrona is a must-visit place in Sweden when traveling the area. Located in the South of Sweden, It has a relaxed atmosphere. Since the place is surrounded by water, it hosts some festivals over the summer. Read more about this trip (and a great burger) here.

Salzburg, Austria (December 2019)

I decided to close the year off with a trip to Salzburg as a surprise for my younger brother. While I have been travelling the world for the past few years, he never set foot on an airplane before. I told him we would take a train to Germany for a day, and then told him to get off at Schiphol Airport. Two hours later, we were taking off from Schiphol. Taking my brother to a new city definitely has been a great experience. I’ll tell you more about this trip in a soon-to-be published blog.


Joël: Obviously we’ve had our fair share of exploration this year, perhaps even more so than in 2018. Looking back, I think I enjoyed Los Angeles, New York and Salzburg the most, even though I had a blast on each of my trips!

Cheers to 2019, make 2020 your bitch and have some fun!

Jason: I reckon this year has been one of many destinations, destinations that I dreamt of visiting as a kid, such as New York. Looking back at this year, I think we could have visited more regions, cities or countries in general, but I had a blast of all these trips. In particular, New York, Rhodes and Karlskrona I enjoyed the most.

Hope you enjoyed 2019 as much as we did, looking forward to seeing you again in 2020!

Sightseeing Student wishes you a happy and healthy 2020 filled with travel and adventures! What are your plans for 2020? Well discuss ours next week!

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