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This trip was a while ago, me and Joël had the opportunity to go on a multi-city trip across Europe in 2017, with Lisbon as our first destination. This tip was my first time traveling with a friend, and we would hit up 4 cities over the course of just two weeks. During this trip we probably didn’t think that two years later we would have started a travel blog and share stories about our travels, and blogs about what we experienced during these travels, sharing these with anyone who’s interested. At the same time also discussing some handy aspects in travel such as tips on transit in these cities, some nice food joints, some touristy places and ofcourse some “must-visit” locations in these cities (well, according to us 😉 ).

“The city from above” @ Castelo de São Jorge

Public Transport

To start off right, I must say the public transport infrastructure is cool, it brings you from A to B very easily and the trains run frequently. We were lucky, our hotel was on the same metro line as the airport.

Everyone probably knows about the famous old-style trams. They are a cool addition to the metro system, and can easily bring you up the hills. Riding the trams is an experience on itself and provides you with a unique view through the rather narrow streets of Lisbon.

The trams that can easily bring you up the mountain. Photo from & credits to @Nextvoyage (instagram)

Our Hotel

Our hotel was superb. We stayed in the Evolution Hotel near the city centre (2.2 km). The best part was that the fitness, sauna and swimming pool were on the top level of the hotel, providing you with a great city view.

My first impression of the city was that breakfast at local bakeries doesn’t need to be expensive (which is great if you’re traveling on a budget, like us at that time). In addition to that, Lisbon was a lot hiking uphill. Don’t go too hard in the gym or you will regret it walking the streets of lisbon!

Things to do!

We were in Lisbon for just two days, so we did not have a lot of time to really dive deep into the city. We checked out some major sights and did a lot of walking to take in as much of the city as possible.

First place on our list was the Square of Commerce (Praça do Comércio). This square near the Tagus river is an excellent place to sit down and relax after a day of running around town. The next square on the list was Praça Luís de Camões. This square hosts stores, coffee places and restaurants around.

Hit up the Lisbon Cathedral for your cultural experience. This cathedral attracts quite some tourists. Walk around the place and maybe even head inside if the doors are open. A must visit in Lisbon is Castelo de São Jorge, A castle on the high hills of Lisbon. Your classic city-view vantage point. You can literally look up where it is, as you can pretty much see it from anywhere in the city. Visiting the castle will set you back €10, or just €5 if you can show a student card. More info about the castle here.

Finally, we visited the neighbourhood of Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s Old Town. This is the hip, artsy part of town with a lot of quirky stores and coffee corners. It’s also the perfect place to go out. Relatively cheap eats can be found here as well, and some restaurants even have live music!

After this trip I came to the simple conclusion that it was a city I have to visit again. I do have the feeling we missed some places, and could get a better image of the city than we have at this moment. Of course there are many more places to visit in Lisbon, if you have any tips please let us know! Till next time!


Street art: Flower cube in the streets of Lisbon.

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