A short trip to Karlskrona, Sweden – TRAVEL BLOG

The biggest advantage of following an international study is the fact that you get to know people from many nationalities. It’s how I “ended” up in Karlskrona, a place I didn’t know before. A friend was kind enough to provide me with their place to stay for a weekend during a summer festival (Skärgårdsfest). There were a lot of great foodstands during the festival, awesome food to still the hunger after some drinks.

This city should be on your list when you are traveling or roadtripping through Sweden. I definitely recommend a train ride, the amount of nature you see is staggering. Additionally, if you are lucky and have good summer weather, the ride into the city is an awesome experience, with houses in all kinds of colours, surrounded by water and the sunshine at the end of the day giving it an additional attractiveness and something unforgettable.

I flew into Växjö airport, and from here I took two trains that brought me to Karlskrona. The train ride was comfortable and affordable. Besides that I must say that the public transport (in particular the train system) was easy and clear and above all user-friendly. With Google Maps everything becomes easier in a foreign country ;-).

Karlskrona center by night

The city has a very relaxed/laid back atmosphere, the people are kind, and most of the time speak more than adequate English.

Furthermore, for the meat lovers there is a nice burgerplace with an insanely good burger, which is huge by the way. It’s next to a cinema (Biograf Biostaden), and its called Biobaren. Believe me after this burger you will be full of meat for two days..

I hope you liked this blog on Karlskrona, and if you’ve been here and have some additional points, please share with us. Additionally, we are very curious to hear from you when you have visited Sweden and when you have more inputs and tips on Sweden (for our potential trips).


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