Why RHODES is the perfect place to relax, even for a short period of time – TRAVEL BLOG

Last July I went to Rhodes for a short getaway, in the end I spent a period of “only” six days in Rhodes. There are two things in particular that made my stay perfect. First, the people, who are always nice and friendly. And second, the food, which was delicious. My stay was on the North-West side of the island which also tends to be very attractive for tourists.

Castle at the old city center entrance

What to do around Rhodes

Well there aren’t necessarily many things to do, particularly in my scenario. As I only got to spend six days on the island, I decided to pull back to the hotel and pool to relax. But, when you are spending more time at the island, there is one recommendation I have. Rent a car and drive around the island. The island has much to offer including very nice and tranquil places with great ocean views.

Second on the “to-do” list is to eat local food, or traditional Greek dishes. Mostly because of the fact that these traditional dishes are made of fresh products. In addition to this you notice the difference with the same meals or products you buy at home, just a simple example, Tzatziki. When you eat this in Rhodes (or basically anywhere else in Greece), well you’ll notice the difference between traditional and fresh meals instead of what you buy at home.

Entrance to the old city of Rhodes

The last thing that I recommend anyone who visits Rhodes for either a small or long period of time is to go into the town of Rhodes. You can easily get into the town by bus or take a cab which might cost you between €8-€25, depending on the total distance of course. What I personally liked about the city was the old part, which gives you a historic feeling. In the old town you’ll find several of places to dine and wine but also a lot of Greek souvenir stores. In addition to the old city center, the marina also offers you a surrounding for a tranquil walk before or after dinner.

My favourite restaurant in Rhodes was located on the touristic side, the North-West part. They are very active in promoting as well, but they simply stood out due to their effort and friendly approach towards the clients. In addition to this the food was very good and the service added a lot more value to dinner.

Romeo's interior

For people traveling on a budget, a trip to Rhodes doesn’t need to be an expensive getaway trip, especially talking food expenses. It’s way cheaper than you probably think, and I’m not exaggerating. To highlight it, a dinner for two, with a three course menu (appetizers, main and desert) and two drinks a person, the total price for dinner came down to approximately €50,00 including tip. My favourite restaurant was Romeo’s.

Hope you guys like it when you are in the states! Tag us if you went to any of these places and let us know what your thoughts were!


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