How do I travel in a more sustainable way? – Travel Tips

Hi! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, but this topic is close to my heart and one I take very seriously. I know that Joël also finds it important to travel more sustainably, so I decided to tell you more about the things you can do to change your impact on global warming for the better.

As we all know there are so much issues that we (humans), nature, oceans and wildlife face. We can individually contribute in our own way, this can be done by a few simple steps while travelling but also while you are at home… It takes little effort to be honest.

Actions you can take

The result of single-use plastics

Stop using – or reduce your use of – single-use plastics. Use a reusable water/drinking bottle. And it doesn’t end here, you can also simply bring a reusable coffee/tea thermos. You might think, when you are traveling on only cabin luggage that this will take a lot of space, while it actually doesn’t. The thing is; you can simply roll in clean clothing like socks or a pair of underwear. With this take on drinking habits to change your plastic use (stop using single-use bottles, but also lose the plastic coffee/tea lids, and the single-use cups).

Choose alternative bathroom products, such as eco-friendly cleaning products.

Use shampoo, conditioner or soap bars instead their bottled equivalents. The bars are also a big room saver! You can also opt to buy and use reusable bottles that you refill yourself, and can use for several other trips.

Tell housekeeping at your hotel that you don’t need the room cleaned daily. Most hotels use harmful chemicals to clean your bedsheets, and daily cleaning is so unnecessary. Be honest, do you change your own bedsheets daily?

Finally, a big one is to use public transport over taxis or Ubers. Almost every city you go to will have an outstanding public transit system, which will get you almost everywhere.

Travel options

Underground in London

Because we live in the Netherlands, a country located centrally in the Schengen zone, we can easily travel from country to country. It is easy for Europeans to travel from country to country by car. Traveling by plane is almost as easy. We fully understand that air travel is convenient, fast and – especially in Europe – very affordable.

One mode of transport that is hugely overlooked is traveling by train. Especially in Europe, train travel is very accessible, as many international trains cross the continent multiple times a day.

You could also opt to take trains as your mode of transport once you’re in your country of destination. For instance, take high speed trains form Shanghai to Hongkong. Heres some reasons to consider the train next time.

  • Trains help reduce your carbon footprint when comparing this to flights or car trips.
  • Train rides show you a lot of diversity across the country that you are in or travel through.
  • Trains bring you right to the centre of the city.
  • On short distance, trains will get you to your destinations as quick or even quicker than a plane.
  • Interrail is a must-do experience, and its widely done across Europe.
  • Trains are way more comfortable than economy seats on any European airline. You can walk freely, there’s more legroom, and less noise.
  • You can actually see where you are going, take in the views!

We hope you guys enjoyed these travel approaches on reducing your carbon footprint while you travel. We only ask any of you who read this post, that you will consider more sustainable options next time you travel! If you have other approaches, please let us know, we are always interested to hear from you! Enjoy your travels.


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