Why I think GENOA is an UNDERRATED travel destination – Travel Blog

I SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that more people should visit Genoa. A medium-sized port-city in the North West of Italy, Genoa is that perfect weekend getaway city that won’t break the bank. On top of that, It’s super instagram friendly! Today’s Travel Blog gets into why Genoa should be on your to do list for the coming year!

Genoa is budget friendly

View from Belvedere Castle

I keep hearing that travel is super expensive. I have to disagree. I think the cost of travel makes for a fun challenge, to find the cities and regions you can afford to visit, to find the cheapest flights. Genoa is one of those cities that will pass the “budgetfriendly-check

For example, I had a solid breakfast including coffee for just €3! I had a pasta dinner for just €8! Get lunch at a random paneria, some snacks at a supermarket and you’ve spent just about €15-20 on food in an entire day. 100 Minutes of public transport (metro, bus & city trains) will run you just €1,50.

Solid hotels can be found from about €40 a night, depending on the season. All in all, you should be able to travel to Genoa on a budget of just €200 – 300 without staying in a hostel and eating cheap fast food.

It’s home to one of Europe’s largest historic centers

Genoa is one of those cities that has been around for a while. The city has been “big” for centuries. Because of that, you’ll have a hard time finding skyscrapers or modern apartment buildings. The only ones I found were near Brignole Station. Full of narrow streets, this city is perfect for those who love to explore the unknown.

Put away your phone, your map, your “next photo destination”, and just take it all in. Walk wherever your heart takes you, and you’ll find the best experiences. Trust me.

It doesn’t end at the central areas

That picture I started the blog with? Thats Boccadasse, a former fishing village swallowed in the expansion of Metropolitan Genoa. This is your getaway from the getaway. Your perfect Sunday afternoon. Go here for a swim, some pictures, reading a book, getting a tan, you name it. Everyting is possible here. Buses to Boccadasse can be found all over the city.

What I found really interesting is that even though every traveler that went to Genoa knows about this place, the usual tourist crowds seem to be in the dark about Boccadasse’s existence. Please keep the secret, this place is better without them.

The pictures above show a completely different part of Genoa. Because the city is built at the foot of hills, genoa has a network of so-called funicolares that will take you up in the hills. You can take any of them, but the views from Granarolo are unbeatable.

The Genovese foodscene is amazing

The best pesto is called Pesto Alla Genovese for a reason. Genoa gave birth to this sauce. As a coastal city, Genoa has an amazing selection of Pasta’s, Seafoods, and Genoa’s go to snack; Focaccia.

You’ll be able to find Foccacia all over the city. There’s 2 ways of finding out if the place you find knows what they are doing. One; go in, buy one, and taste it. Two; look at the customers in the store. Are they tourists only? Get out. Are they locals? (do they order in fluent italian, don’t have the tourist stereotype look, etc) Get in! This is my go to way of judging the quality of any restaurant. Look at the audience. You’ll know when you try it.

There’s so much more to talk about when discussing Genoa, but I won’t spoil it all for you. Get on the next flight to Genoa (or the one you’ll be able to make), and enjoy the area! For tips on some unusual things to do in Genoa, read this blog!


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